Workshop Agenda

GlobalPlatform presents

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Application Developers Workshop

Friday, 14 October 2016
Santa Clara, California


Setting the tone for the Developers Workshop, GlobalPlatform will lead off the day by updating delegates on the most recent API developments coming from the Device Committee, including the Trusted User Interface (TUI) for Biometrics, the Web API, and updates on the TEE Management Framework and System Architecture, to name a few. Updated with this most recent information, delegates will have the proper context for the instructional sessions that follow.


Gil Bernabeu
GlobalPlatform Technical Director

Mr. Bernabeu is the Technical Advisor for the Standardization and Technology Department at GlobalPlatform. In this role, he supports GlobalPlatform’s marketing and product groups in the field of multiple application infrastructure. Mr. Bernabeu was elected as GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director in 2005. His main role is to drive forward the development of GlobalPlatform’s smart card specifications and related technical initiatives. Mr. Bernabeu also acts as GlobalPlatform’s central technical liaison point, coordinating the efforts of the organization’s three technical committees – Card, Device and Systems – and the GlobalPlatform Task Forces. He ensures that all elements of GlobalPlatform-based smart card solutions are interoperable and offer backwards compatibility with previous technology releases. Prior to becoming GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil served GlobalPlatform as the Chair of the Systems Committee for over two years.

Christophe Colas
Vice President of Product Marketing, Trustonic
GlobalPlatform Device Committee Chair

Mr. Colas is currently VP Product Marketing at Trustonic. In this role, he is responsible for the product marketing of the company’s trusted execution environment solutions. Mr. Colas has participated in the development of several software architectures including Visa Open Platform Terminal Framework which has since transferred to GlobalPlatform.

Mr. Colas has been involved with GlobalPlatform since its inception, and was elected to serve as the association’s Device Committee Chair in 2009.

Big data has an old problem – garbage in, garbage out. Fake data can have real world impacts. Researchers have already shown how social navigation systems can be tricked to reroute users around ghost traffic jams. What if bad data raises your operational costs or causes lost revenue through lack of trust? In this hands-on practical workshop, you will learn how the Trustonic TEE in Samsung ARTIK™ platforms can enable data from parking sensors to be trusted by operators and users.

Trustonic is the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environments deployed in more than 600 million devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables and now the Internet of Things. The Samsung - Trustonic partnership brings TEEs to the IoT with the Samsung ARTIK™ platform – a modular approach to enabling any device to secure data in the cloud.

In this session attendees will:

  • Participate in this exclusive, hands-on workshop that will cover how to develop trusted applications using the Trustonic SDK to develop and deploy secure applications on IoT devices.
  • Start with IoT basics, board bring-up, and GPIO, then build their own smart parking system. Trainers will also let the sensor nodes in their network communicate with each other by using M2M. Lastly, participants will be introduced to ARTIK Cloud integration, and the Samsung ARTIK™ IDE.
  • Secure the data generated by each sensor with a Trusted Application running in the TEE to build trust in the system.

This is a highly technical workshop – you will need to be a developer to join! Workshop participants who choose to purchase an add-on course fee will be able to take home their development hardware kit at the end of the session.

Rob Dyke
Senior Field Application Engineer, Trustonic

Mr. Dyke’s focus is to engage with partners, and drive the development of secure services that promote the use of the TEE. He has been involved in security since 2001, where he worked as a Software Engineer at nCipher, and later held the position of Senior Architect within the Advanced Solution Group. He also has experience in the payments industry, and has been involved in start-ups in this space.

Dan Gross
Director, Developer Technical Support

Dan leads Ecosystem Developer Support for Samsung's new IoT platform, ARTIK. He has been a professional software developer for over 20 years, most of the time spent in Silicon Valley. His passions are the pursuit of frictionless developer tools and solving real business issues. Prior to joining Samsung, he has helped companies such as: Sun Microsystems, Oracle, HP, and TRX Training. Dan lvies in San Francisco.

Wei Xiao
Technical Evangelist, Sr. Staff Engineer

Wei is a technical evangelist, Sr. Staff Engineer for Samsung’s IoT platform ARTIK. Wei has a passion to inspire and work with partners and developers. Prior to Samsung IoT, she worked as a tech evangelist for Samsung Mobile and wearables.

In the past, secure side development has been notoriously hard to do. In many cases it has required special tools such as flash tools, debuggers, and some cases even complete build environments. It has also been hard to get access to hardware that is capable and open enough for secure side development. In some cases, off-the-shelf hardware that technically suits your needs is available but the manufacturer has decided not to allow secure side development.

Even with hardware, it can be cumbersome to do development. Flash binaries may need to be built over and over again which can be time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice to do most of your TEE implementation directly in an emulated environment, with a short turnaround time, and do the final testing on real, secure hardware?

In this session we will show how the daily work with TEE development can take place on a regular computer using only free tools available to anyone.

This session is open to everyone but it’s preferable that the attendee has experience with coding in C, is familiar with Linux, and some knowledge about GlobalPlatform Client and Internal Core API.

To save time during the workshop and to make it easy for attendees, regardless if you’re a Linux, Windows, or Mac user, we are going to prepare a VirtualBox image. We recommend that attendees download and install prior to the workshop. A link to the VirtualBox image will be emailed to attendees a couple of weeks before the workshop. For those who aren’t able to pre­install the VirtualBox image, we will have USB sticks containing the image and will plan roughly 15 minutes to setup the environment at the workshop.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • A short history about OP­TEE and the features it supports
  • How to install the workshop environment (VirtualBox image with OP­TEE)
  • How to work with OP­TEE using QEMU on a regular computer
  • How to write a Trusted Application
  • How to debug OP­TEE using gdb

Joakim Bech
Software Engineer, Linaro
Technical Lead, GlobalPlatform Security Working Group

Mr. Bech manages planning and strategic goals for Linaro’s security efforts. His team has been a key player in open sourcing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) solution called OP­TEE.

Mr. Bech is also the Technical Lead for the GlobalPlatform Security Working Group where he is responsible for the techniques and features developed by the working group.

Prior to Linaro, he spent about 10 years in the telecom industry working for companies such as Sony Ericsson, EMP and ST-Ericsson, in various roles including architect, team leader and development engineer. The majority of his time was spent in embedded security where he was a contributor to the GlobalPlatform based TEE / TrustZone solution created and used by ST-Ericsson. For that particular TEE solution he was doing user space, kernel driver and Trusted OS implementation. He also has experience with developing crypto drivers for hardware accelerated cryptoIPs.


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