Trustonic is the leading provider of remotely accessible Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology for all types of smart connected devices with a mission to make payments simpler, faster and safer; enable any content to be viewed on any screen and facilitate people to use their personal devices for work.

Trustonic works with global device makers to integrate TEE foundation software with secure ARM TrustZone hardware that lays at the heart of people's devices. By providing each device with a unique root-of-trust it enables people to manage the multiple service identities they choose to run on their devices. The Trustonic TEE is engineered for service providers to place their trust in people's devices, as customers demand them. It isolates and protects sensitive assets such as passcodes, fingerprints and certificates, all of which enrich, expand and accelerate digital lives with a seamless user experience.

Trustonic works with payments, content, enterprise and identity application developers to enable services to benefit from enhanced trust built directly into smart connected devices.

Trustonic is jointly owned by three leading pioneers of TEE technology and brings together the management and security development teams of ARM, Giesecke & Devrient and Gemalto's Trusted Logic Mobility business unit.

The Trustonic <t™-base product family integrates GlobalPlatform TEE standards to provide uniform and interoperable APIs; it enables security programmers to create the core of their security applications independently of underlying platforms.

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