Media Partners

ABI Research

ABI Research is the leader in technology market intelligence. Our analysts act as an extension of the world’s most innovative organizations, accelerating their overall decision-making process to more quickly and confidently execute strategies. We assess markets to explore trends, offer insight into the changing landscape, and define tomorrow’s strategic technologies. For more information, visit


The BankNXT mission is to provide insight and thought leadership to people working in or around financial technology and financial services, otherwise known as fintech and finserv.

Mobile Payments World

Mobile Payments World is a bi-weekly newsletter with an opt-in database of 6,000 +. It monitors developments in M- Payments, M- Banking, Contactless NFC, Mobile Remittance and M-POS together with analysis and opinion pieces.

We also offer Research and Consultancy services to help evolve your product or business in the payments market.

Payments Cards & Mobile

Payments Cards & Mobile offers a multi-media marketing platform. We have over twenty years’ experience reporting on Card Payments, POS Terminals, Issuing and Acquiring and Risk & Compliance  plus the cutting edge technology of M-Payments, Contactless, m-POS and e-Commerce. The print and digital magazine is produced six times a year, with supplements, and has a worldwide distribution.

It also publishes a free daily newsletter.

Planet Biometrics

Planet Biometrics is a biometrics, global web portal that offers readers more interactive features, better news coverage, exciting interviews and information about the burgeoning biometrics industry. Planet Biometrics is renowned throughout the industry for breaking more news stories than anyone else – and then following up those stories with deeper and bolder coverage. The website can be visited at features thought leadership interviews regarding authentication, cloud, cyber, IoT, mobility and payments solutions. “Content marketing” has truly emerged as one of the most important strategies in today’s business environment. Metrics confirm that it is more effective than all other marketing options.

The “In The Boardroom” feature has excellent traction with major media and trade media. What’s YOUR solution. Please contact Marla Edwards, email: to set up a free tour 1+914.690.9351.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights Weekly covers the smart card industry, its businesses, technologies, markets and technology suppliers. It covers the major trends in the industry, encompassing worldwide business and standardization bodies.

Smart Insights Reports provide facts, figures and strategic insights about technologies, regions or issues in the secure transaction industry. They offer business modeling, forecasting and competitive analysis.

The Paypers

The Paypers is a leading source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. Its products are aimed at merchants, PSPs, processors, financial institutions, start-ups, technology vendors and payment professionals with a focus on trends and developments in payments-related industries including online and mobile payments, online/mobile banking, cards, cross-border e-commerce, e-invoicing and SEPA.


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