Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Guide

There are three white papers that GlobalPlatform has been engaged in that detail the work and role of the TEE:

  1. Trusted Labs - Security Evaluation of Trusted Execution Environments: Why and How?

    GlobalPlatform member, Trusted Labs, has developed a white paper titled 'Security Evaluation of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE): Why and How?'. The paper asserts that the evaluation of a TEE is a critical step towards developing more secure devices thereby allowing service providers and consumers to benefit from trustworthy environments. This paper reviews the benefits of TEE security evaluations for all actors in the ecosystem, provides an overview of the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile and outlines a methodology for the evaluation of TEEs based on this protection profile.

  2. The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for the Trusted Execution Environment.

    This white paper provides an overview of the technology and explains how the TEE works to provide high level security services for corporate environments, content management, mobile payments and service deployment. A key learning from the paper is GlobalPlatform's objectives to standardize the TEE environment, which will simplify implementation and support multiple business models to ensure long-term market stability.

  3. Trusted Computing Group - TPM MOBILE with GlobalPlatform defined Trusted Execution Environment for Comprehensive Mobile Device Security.

    In 2012, GlobalPlatform and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) created a joint work group to enable the sharing of expertise and collaboration around mobile device industry standards. This white paper, the first joint work item, introduces how GlobalPlatform's defined TEE standards and TCG Mobile Trusted Module (TPM MOBILE) can work together in mobile devices to provide security, peace of mind and enhanced services to users.

  4. NFC Security Quiz.

    Developed by GlobalPlatform member, FIME, this white paper explains how the security framework for delivering NFC mobile services needs to evolve to meet the business and technical requirements of all NFC stakeholders. The document focuses on the work of GlobalPlatform to clarify and simplify the security certification process to achieve an approach which balances security, functionality and cost requirements. Specific reference is made to the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile.

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