Predictions for TEE

"We will see more and more applications and use cases for the TEE, particularly within the internet of things space. Applications with higher security requirements need more protection than can be offered by software solutions alone so lots of applications will be implemented using the TEE."

 Sanjeev Verma, Samsung Information Systems America, INC.

"I think we will begin to see a dramatic increase in adoption of the TEE, especially in relation to addressing public concerns of privacy. GlobalPlatform’s work in this space makes it easier to secure sensitive information or premium content, which is important for the future of the technology."

 Bryan Buckley, Trustonic

"The studios have drawn a line in the sand. The TEE has to be there and the sooner the better as it will facilitate getting HD content to consumers in a secure environment."

Steven Anderson, Arris, Inc

"There is currently a lot of expectation from service providers who wish to engage with technology providers to implement large-scale technology deployments. This is why it is important that there is standardization in the market to make these large-scale implementations possible. The recent announcements in the mobile payments market will definitely boost the adoption of interoperable technology."

Stephanie El Rhomri, FIME


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