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GlobalPlatform presents

The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Conference:

Providing Security for Digital Services and Devices

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Welcome & Registration: 8:15 AM | Seminar Begins: 9:00AM | Cocktail Reception: 6:00PM

Attendees of past GlobalPlatform TEE conferences have commented that, in addition to hearing the latest developments and use cases, the opportunity to network with colleagues and experts from around the ecosystem is one of the TEE Conference’s key benefits. This year, we have ensured ample time for attendees to network and visit the technology demonstration booths throughout the day. We encourage attendees to arrive early for coffee and pastries, and remain after the conference to network with peers at our cocktail reception.


  • Kevin Gillick, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform 
  • Robert Coombs, Security Marketing Director, Systems and Software, ARM
  • Tao An, Cofounder, Marketing Director, DPLS Lab



With the rapid spread of mobile internet access and the need to integrate this relatively new technology with traditional industries, more and more devices and applications are being brought to market. As a popular terminal security technology, TEE provides a secure platform for industrial and consumer applications. CAICT will discuss the evolution of the TEE ecosystem in China, and explore how its further development will promote cross-industry collaboration.

Mr. Xie Yi, Vice President CAICT, Executive Director of TAF – Evolution of the TEE Ecosystem in China


GlobalPlatform will provide insight into the work of the association in specifying and standardizing TEE technology while outlining how GlobalPlatform’s TEE Specifications simplify the deployment of trusted applications in open environments.

  • Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
  • Christophe Colas, GlobalPlatform Device Committee Chair and Senior Vice President of Products, Trustonic




The TEEs value proposition for established use cases, such as payment and DRM, are more readily understood by service and device providers. We will explore those use cases a bit later in the seminar. But first, we turn our attention to the world of IoT and connected objects, and the need for ubiquitous security, regardless of the use case.

ARM TrustZone & TEE technology grew out of a need to provide hardware-based security to mobile phones. Today they work together to help protect online services such as payments, premium content, and improved UX on billions of smart connected devices.

TrustZone security extensions have been available in every ARM application processor since 2005. ARM will discuss how this growing availability of TrustZone enabled chips, and TEE standardization through GlobalPlatform, has provided a much-needed security layer against common attacks; the TEE capability developed in China that provides a common security language; and the next steps for this technology, including Over the Air (OTA) management of trusted software.

This presentation looks at key market and technology trends in the connected car industry, as well as the prime emerging threats.  

As cars become more connected, the safety-critical systems on CANBUS, peripheral entertainment, functional components and both internal and external communication networks are becoming more accessible to potential attackers. We will discuss the overall security principles for a connected car security platform to enable it to address the threat areas of user data privacy, unauthorised access to the various systems and access to CANBUS. This presentation further explores how the TEE is being used by Trustonic and its partners to tackle some of these potential security issues.

Dafu Lu, Senior Expert of Alibaba IoT Business Unit, Alibaba / IoT Connectivity Alliance – Building RoT via TEE in the IoT World

Many are discussing the potential for IoT devices to be connected via eSIM in the future, and TEE is one option to make this a reality.

In this presentation, MNO China Unicom will share its perspective on the potential role TEE could play in enabling an ecosystem of eSIM-based connected devices, before introducing its TEE-based eSIM application proof of concept.

Moderated Q&A Panel, hosted by Jose Alejandro Rivas Vidal, Security Evaluator, Applus+ featuring the above mentioned speakers



Along with the development of IoT and its broad use in daily life, security is becoming much more important. Furthermore, the security of IoT involves people, devices and their behaviors. Due to the continuous and aggravating fragmentation of hardware and scenarios of IoT, it is better to initiate systematic research on IoT security and relevant standardization of the technology.

  • Chunpei Feng, Senior Director of Security Ecosystem, Alibaba


Payment as a digital service in China is widely used and well accepted. Concerns remain, however, about security and mobile payment application vulnerability when relying on the security protections available in Rich OS environments. In addition to security, it is very important that service providers increase the convenience of mobile identity authentication. In this session, you’ll learn about how the TEE is enhancing mobile payment security and authentication, and is providing a platform for delivering additional features and services.

Ant Financial is dedicated to creating an open ecosystem that provides inclusive access to financial services, including to small and micro enterprises and individual consumers. To realize this goal, mobile identity authentication must be more convenient, as well as more secure.

During this presentation, Ant Financial will give its understanding of inclusive finance; present the application of biometrics and TEE/SE technologies in mobile authentication; and outline future opportunities for collaboration with GlobalPlatform in this area.

BMFIA will discuss the financial use cases, banking requirements and TEE specifications that are important to its work with mobile phones in Bangladesh. The discussion will include Trusted UI, the future of fintech and mobile financial services, and trends in TEE, SE, and terminal security for banks.

Moderated Q&A Panel, hosted by Jack Pan, Executive Innovation Leader – Department of Technology, China UnionPay and Member of the EMVCo Board of Managers, featuring the above mentioned speakers with guest panelist Henry Chai, FIDO China Working Group Chair (FCWG), FIDO Alliance and CEO, Uni-ID Technology (Beijing) Limited from Lenovo



GlobalPlatform TEEs are used to provide security for the protection of premium content and DRM. TEE plays an important role, given the growing consumption of premium content on mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes and smart TVs that need to be hosted in a protected and secure environment. In this session we will examine the role of TEE for DRM, with particular emphasis on China deployments.

This presentation will introduce ChinaDRM Forum and the ChinaDRM Lab, before delving into the premium content ecosystem and ChinaDRM’s collaboration with partners in the TEE space.

The speaker will discuss how the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is used and referenced in DRM-related technical standards and specifications that have been drafted by ChinaDRM Forum and subsequently released by the Science and Technology Division of SAPPRFT.

This presentation will review TEE-protected high-value services being deployed Over-The-Air (OTA) to smart connected devices around the world and Trustonic’s learnings from these use cases.

An open and accessible security environment for all application developers is required to support a vibrant, high-value services ecosystem. GlobalPlatform’s Trusted Management Framework (TMF) is the standard for enabling OTA management of Trusted Applications across smart connected devices from smartphones to the IOT. Trustonic will discuss use cases and services currently being deployed OTA in different industries across the world and what has been learnt from them, and investigate potential use cases in China for the TMF, including relevance for ChinaDRM, IFAA and others.

Hisilicon will present a history of OP-TEE, an Open-Source Trusted Execution Environment. The discussion will include its goals, supported platforms and use cases, before covering the development model, main contributors, and an overview of the OP-TEE architecture, including support of the GlobalPlatform APIs.

The presentation will also cover currently supported features and those planned for the future, as well as OP-TEE’s application in ChinaDRM & TVOS in Hisilicon’s Chipset solution.

Moderated Q&A Panel, hosted by Volker Politz, VP Segment Marketing, Imagination Technologies featuring the above mentioned speakers with guest panelist Mohaned Kafi, CTO, Trusted Labs


GlobalPlatform is committed to ensuring a standardized level of security by developing an open and thoroughly evaluated TEE ecosystem with accredited laboratories and evaluated products. This session explores why the industry needs a TEE certification program and explains the benefits it brings to product and service providers when deploying TEE technology, with particular emphasis on China TEE Certification objectives and lessons learned from members participating in the program.

This presentation will introduce the progress and outcomes of TEE evaluation and certification within CCSA and TAF. It will discuss the methodology and content of real-world security evaluations, performed in collaboration with TAF, IFAA and a range of industry customers. It will also address mobile operators’ TEE security requirements for IoT implementations, in addition to CAICT’s TEE evaluation best practice.

DPLS Lab will cover a variety of topics relating to TEE and FIDO evaluations in China, including: TEE security requirements and expectations from Chinese vertical sectors, including financial, content protection, mobile payment, and transportation; known and potential security risk analysis for TEE products in the field; evaluation procedures for GlobalPlatform TEE Certification; the vision of combining TEE and FIDO; and the current status and future of biometric authentication in China.

What if hackers take control of a driverless car? Whether the market is IoT, payment, DRM, or automotive, customer adoption always relies on trust and usability. Robustness and interoperability are key to success with consumers and this is achieved through testing. This talk will explain how to increase cross-market test efficiency wile streamlining the certification path for providers and highlighting how interoperability and robustness can be thoroughly and quickly assessed.  

The focus will be on improving test methodology. Giving examples such as the GlobalPlatform Certification scheme, the presenter will explain how to setup a compliance model where the testing & certification process is transferable to other domains such as IoT, payment, DRM, and automotive, and how to create a certification scheme that is as close as possible to actual implementations and market needs.

Moderated Q&A Panel



The GlobalPlatform Board Vice-Chairman will reflect on the day’s discussions and key takeaways from the industry’s only dedicated TEE conference and invite delegates to join us for a cocktail reception.

  • Nils Gerhardt, Group Vice President and Head of Product and Certification Management / Financial Solutions, Giesecke+Devrient


Note: Speakers and topics subject to change


Welcome coffee, lunch and the cocktail reception are included in the below fees.

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A TEE instructor-led training session is available 13-14 September. The course, given in English language, is open to both GlobalPlatform members and non-members. It is designed to improve knowledge of the TEE specifications, efficient implementation, and effective use a TEE environment.  Learn more


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