Why Attend?

Regularly attracting an audience of approximately 200 delegates, GlobalPlatform’s conference is the industry’s only dedicated TEE event that brings together service and platform providers, software vendors, device manufacturers and mobile network operators from across the globe. The 2016 event will showcase state-of-the-art device security and demonstrate the evolution of the threat landscape for connected devices and how the TEE addresses these challenges.

The session provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders engaged in the development and deployment of TEE technology to discuss current market status as well as future business requirements and long-term market evolution.

As the market’s only TEE focused industry gathering, the conference offers unparalleled opportunities to network with other industry professionals and the industry’s foremost TEE subject matter experts.

Delegates will learn:

  • How the TEE is applied to real world use cases involving mobile device and remote TEE management, identity, authentication, payment and premium content protection and IoT.
  • How the role of the TEE complements the function and security of the secure element (SE) and rich operating system (rich OS).
  • How the TEE can be implemented to create a trusted infrastructure to deploy applications to any connected device.
  • Why market standards are required to lower the cost of implementation and remove barriers caused by interoperability issues.
  • How the mobile industry is collaborating to promote standardized security in mobile handsets.
  • What industry specifications and tools are available today, how these can be accessed and forthcoming initiatives.
  • How GlobalPlatform is bringing industries together to standardize security on connected devices.

Throughout the conference, key industry stakeholders will share live implementations to showcase current best practice. 



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